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The award-winning anti bullying children's book series

"Bullying is for people with no imagination...", this was the first line that was written for Dandelion, the first Children's book in the anti bullying series. The line was written by the author for his son, when he discovered that his son was being bullied at school. Their encounter led to the creation of a fantastical story of a little boy who used his imagination to beat the bullies. A child named Benjamin Brewster, who fought back by using magical dandelions to manifest objects from his imagination and thwart his tormentors.

“Like most stories that appear to us in a single moment of imagination, Dandelion was almost relegated to the ‘I should write that book one day’ note-pad. However, the story would not leave me and I felt the need to write this tale in order to give my son the confidence to go back to school and try to understand why his bullies were the way they were. Over time, I wrote the tale in rhyming couplets and worked with illustrator, Anthony Ishinjerro to create characters who were truly unique. Dandelion, become a reality and it has been a pleasure seeing the impact it has had around the world.” – Author, Galvin Scott Davis.

The book was originally self-published, garnering recognition through timely press articles that highlighted the fact that this book was written by Father for Son. As its notoriety spread, the book was adopted by book stores, schools, libraries and museums as its popularity grew around the world. Recognising that Dandelion was making a positive impact, and following multiple requests for a story that might help girls deal with cyberbullying, the author set about writing Daisy Chain – the tale of Buttercup Bree, a young girl who existed in the same world as Benjamin. Then two, became one.

“I had always imagined a world where three tales could be told. One for Benjamin, one for Buttercup and a third tale where the dark world that surrounds them gives way to a brighter reality”

- Galvin Scott Davis, Author

Both books were illustrated by talented Australian Illustrator, Anthony Ishinjerro. Taking direction from Galvin’s crudely sketched characters, and descriptive ‘Burtonesque’ request for a world inhabited by shadows, Ishinjerro put lead to paper and created a mystical, and mystifying world shroud in darkness yet held at bay but the light within the characters.

The characters within the books were designed purposefully without features. This allows the reader to see themselves in place of the heroes (or bullies) and question how they might be affected (or affect others) with bullying. A powerful technique that allows conversation to begin and solutions to be addressed.

The popularity of the books has been astounding, creating a swathe of products to compliment the books, award-winning animated films and even a stage play developed by a school in the U.S.

Both books are available exclusively from this website.

Galvin Scott Davis

Galvin Scott Davis

Author / Creator

Galvin is the author of ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Daisy Chain’. He is an award-winning Creative Director and Founder of one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, Protein. His creative work has been awarded more than 9 International Media Wards, 6 W3 Awards, Communicator Award and a Lovie Award.

He is also a writer and director for Film and Television represented in the U.S and Australia. His short film ‘Brother’ won Best Film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and Los Angeles Silver Lake Film Festival.

He is the father of three very creative young boys and splits his time for film, writing and design between Sydney, Los Angeles and his birth home, England.


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